telephone wagering

telephone wagering

We advise our telephone betting customers to have their bets ready before they call the Toll-Free number to place a bet.

 To place a bet over the phone

  1. Call 1-800-836-2153
  2. State your account number (51*****)
  3. The teller will ask for your PIN number
  4. Once confirmed, the teller will tell you the balance of your account

 The format in which your bets must be read out is as follows

  1.  Track name (eg. Palm Beach)
  2. Race Number (Race 3)
  3. Bet amount (eg. $2)
  4. Bet Type (eg. Trifecta)
  5. Runners (One with two three with four)

 This would place a $2 trifecta at Palm Beach Race 3 - 1/23/4

If you wished to place a $3 Superfecta Box at Derby Lane Race 1 – 1234

  1.  Derby Lane
  2. Race 1
  3. $3
  4. Superfecta Box
  5. 1234

Once you have read out your bet, the teller will read it back to you and it will be entered into the system.

Please be aware that once the bet has been read back to you, it has been placed at the track of your choice. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that the bet that is read back to you is the bet you wish to place.